The Homa Reto Dream Team

Founder & Manager
Elaine Donderer (she/her)

Elaine Donderer has worked with numerous regional and international organizations on the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals. She holds a scholarship at the German Academic Scholarship Foundation and has recently graduated from her climate science and disaster risk reduction studies at Maastricht University. Although born in the United States, Ms. Donderer was raised in Germany and had the privilege of traveling throughout her childhood. As the founder of the Homa Reto platform, Ms. Donderer continues to promote innovation and bridge disciplines to empower local communities and democratize sustainable development for long-term disaster resilience.

UI/UX Designer
Lana Thew (she/her)

Lana is a digital designer with a passion for creating meaningful and engaging user experiences. She grew up in Australia and studied her Bachelor of Communication Design. Now based in the Netherlands, she pursues and refines her UX/UI design skills. She values equality and accessibility in her work, creating solutions that are inclusive and fair for all users. Inclusive design benefits individuals and society as a whole.

UI/UX Designer
Joel Weiler (he/him)

Joel Weiler is a junior UX designer, passionate about utilizing his scientific background to create user-centered design systems with great user experience. He aspires to devote his skills to humanitarian causes that empower individuals. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Maastricht University and a master’s degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology from Leiden University. Previously, he worked as an educational member of Maastricht University. In his free time, Joel produces music and acts as the recording & mixing engineer for the community project “Eternal Sessions”. He joined Homa Reto’s Development team in February 2022 to create the updated Homa Reto software prototype.

Suzon Mazataud
(she/ her)

Suzon Mazataud is in the final year of her bachelor’s degree in European Studies at Maastricht University. She was born in France and studied in Germany and South Korea. Moreover, she is part of several students associations and organizations promoting social justice, gender equality, and sustainability. Ms. Mazataud has experience as a student journalist, writing articles for various online magazines, including the Maastricht Diplomat. She joined the Homa Reto team in February 2022 as a researcher, writing weekly blog posts for the Homa Reto website and supporting the app development team.

Applied Research Intern
Cypris Remond (she/ her)

Cypris Remond was born and raised in France. She is in the final year of her bachelor’s degree at University College Maastricht. Cypris is pursuing an interdisciplinary curriculum, merging business, psychology, public policy, sociology, and sustainable development. She joined Homa Reto in September 2022 as a research intern and focuses on sustainable ways of financing and steward ownership.

Senior Consultant
Isabella Camille Krause (she/her)

Isabella Krause has recently graduated with a BSc from Maastricht University, where she focused on Applied Mathematics and Human-Computer Interaction. She is from Argentina and Germany but grew up in Pretoria, Bangkok, and Vienna. She joined the Homa Reto team in August 2021 as a Co-Founder, after having worked with Elaine on a research project. Ms. Krause is dedicated to advocating for climate action, gender equality, quality education, and sustainability. With her work, Ms. Krause promotes equitable and data-driven solutions.

UI/UX Designer
Aleksandra Jankowiak (she/her)

Aleksandra is a product designer with expertise in human factors and human-computer interaction. Born and raised in Poland, she studied both in the UK and in the Netherlands, recently graduating with a master’s degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology from Leiden University. In her work, she relies on her scientific background and psychological knowledge to understand user behavior and needs, and create highly usable and engaging products. Interested in applying her expertise to issues surrounding social justice and sustainability, she joined Homa Reto team in February 2022 as a UI/UX Designer.

Computer Science Intern
Priya Patel (she/ her)

Priya Patel is passionate about the intersection of data and international development. She is currently pursuing a high school diploma in the USA with a concentration in Computer Science/General Engineering and will be graduating in 2023 to study Computer Sciences at university. Outside of academics, she is involved in many organizations, including Model United Nations, as well as local community service organizations promoting social justice and bridging the digital divide. She joined Homa Reto as a Computer Science Intern in May of 2022 to help aid in related research and UI/UX design.

GIS Researcher
Alexa Arbaugh (she/ her)

Currently, Alexa is a graduate of high distinction at UNU-Merit for public policy and human development. Her academic background in Psychology, International Relations, Public Policy, and Human Development helped her to specialize in Risk & Vulnerability Studies. Originally from California, she is currently living in the Netherlands. Alexa has worked with an international team for about 4 years now and applies her GIS skills to ensure equity and safety through security measures, during times of crisis or simply to avoid unnecessary risk.

Public Relations Intern
Cecilia Pignatti Morano di Custoza (she/ her)

Cecilia Pignatti is from Italy but lived in the Netherlands and Spain during her studies. She graduated this year from Maastricht University with a bachelor’s degree in European Studies. In the final year of her degree, she had the opportunity to focus her study and research projects on topics of climate policies and transitional justice, which she is greatly passionate about. Through the years she has also engaged in multiple activisms and volunteering projects aimed at implementing change at the local level in matters of sustainability and social integration of refugees. She strives to continue applying her skills for the realization of sustainable, democratic, and community-based projects in supporting sustainable partnerships and meaningful civil society engagement with Homa Reto.

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Non-discrimination statement

Homa Reto is an equal opportunity organization and will not allow discrimination based upon age, ethnicity, ancestry, gender, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or any other status prohibited by applicable law. If you want to offer a different skill set than the positions mentioned below, feel free to still submit an application. We value diversity in our workplace and encourage all motivated individuals to apply.

Working Culture @ Homa Reto

At Homa Reto we promote a safe space for open dialogue. This includes communicating needs and vulnerabilities and jointly pursuing progress. “Leaving no one behind” is at the core of our mission and is reflected in our team’s interactions. Only by challenging our privilege can we learn to transform the imbalance of global power structures in the disaster risk regime. This can be a difficult process, therefore, it is important that all team members find themselves in a safe space to support each other’s development.

UNU-Merit Research Team

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