Homa Reto is a social network that makes emergency and care services readily available to you.

Hazard Alerts
Safety Protocols
Community Map

The current situation

  1. Increase in emergencies, conflict, and extreme weather events 
  2. Public resources do not meet demands for crisis management and care services
  3. Rise of global civil society demanding care, sustainability, human rights, & peace
  4. COVID-19 accelerates the digitalization of human interaction

Our solution

  1. Safety
    Fast & efficient map for local emergencies, resources & needs

  2. Reliability
    Offline functionalities, safety protocols, & verified information

  3. Mututal support
    Social network for public organization

  4. Innovation
    First software to organize care resources in emergencies

Use Cases

Organize humanitarian action for Ukraine

Coordinate flood response in the Benelux and Germany

Hygienic and psychological guidance during COVID-19

Network App for Fridays for Future and Black Lives Matter