Don’t miss out: Our data protects you from disaster.

Homa Reto is a social network that centralizes needs and resources readily available to you.

Community Map
Hazard Alerts
Safety Skills

The current situation

  1. Increase in emergencies, conflicts, and extreme weather events 
  2. Growing vulnerability and lack of emergency and care services
  3. Rising civil society demanding care, sustainability, human rights & peace
  4. Acceleration of the digitalization of human interaction
  5. Thriving opportunities for innovative disaster preparedness systems 

Our solution

  1. Innovative
    Modern geospatial software solution to organize emergency management & care services 

  2. Human-centered
    Interactive social network for your civil society organization

  3. Reliable
    Offline functionalities, safety protocols, & verified information

  4. Bridges the Gap
    Fast & easy information access to coordinate help

How our software helps

Democratic Network of Helpers

Manages the accurate & reliable flow of information

Effectively monitors changing situations

Real-time shared situational awareness

Improves Lifes & Minimizes Risks

Visualizes where resources are needed and available

Clears the way for all citizens to act (fast)

Provides a tool to anticipate disasters

Use Cases

humanitarian action
for Ukraine

Coordinate flood response in the Benelux and Germany

Hygienic and psychological guidance during COVID-19

Network App for Fridays for Future and Black Lives Matter

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