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Homa Reto

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Join the network and help build a better world.
We connect social care needs and resources in your surrounding community.

Our mission

Our mission is your safety. This is why we support green and social initiatives in creating a better world. Despite technological innovations, many community needs and resources remain invisible. We change that and provide ways of participation and ownership. Our local action networks make political, social, material, and psychological services accessible to you.

Homa Reto is Esperanto and means “Human Network“. In our technology, people come first. We create a network of care for local democracy and mutual support. Our vision is inclusive, sustainable, and anti-colonial. Homa Reto is for anyone who helps with sustainability and social justice. Our map and live emergency information keep you informed, connected, and secure.

Let’s map information by the people

Community maps

Participatory mapping is the creation of maps by local communities – often with the involvement of governments, NGOs, or other actors.
By connecting local care needs and resources, we challenge discriminatory power structures and promote democratic practices, mutual support, and public resources.
Homa Reto helps to save lives during emergencies and creates sustainable local action networks for political, social, material, and psychological services.
Get started and empower yourself and others experiencing marginalization.

Caring communities

Care is an activity that nurtures the flourishing of human life and its natural environments. During disasters, community actors are often the main agent to provide care services and safe lives. With your participation, Homa Reto maps these local resources and needs to create a social care network. The software shows live emergency data and connects you with people who provide or require help.

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